Student Voices of Promise

Student Voices of Promise

9:20 am on Friday, November 21, 2014

Omni New Haven Hotel — Church

James Doss-Gollin, Class of 2015, Yale University

Fontaine Chambers, Class of 2016, University of Connecticut
Mark Ifill-Haney, Class of 2015, New Haven Academy
Niasia Mercado, Class of 2015, Southern Connecticut State University
Jordy Padilla, Class of 2015, University of New Haven

While Promise programs are making an investment in students, what is almost never discussed is the investment the students are making in Promise — be it in community or financial commitment. The dollars provided in every Promise program make college more affordable, but that does not mean that college is free. It might encourage some to go to college and others to widen their college options, but most students have loans or out-of-pocket expenses to make the dream a reality. Those who don’t meet with success often have an additional financial burden that will be with them for years. What are the challenges in the college/work balance for students expected to help at home? How does the “Deferred Action” introduced by President Obama play into the equation for students who are “Dreamers”? With what choices are these students confronted? How are students leveraging their status as Promise Scholars to access all that their cities and their potential careers have to offer? Do they intend to re-invest in the place that invested in them? Come hear from students themselves about their journeys and triumphs.

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