PromiseNet Participants


Lily Engbith (Yale University Class of 2017)
Will Ginsberg (The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven)
Mayor Toni N. Harp (City of New Haven, Conn.)
Dr. Dorsey Kendrick (Gateway Community College)
Patricia Melton (New Haven Promise)
Jordy Padilla (University of New Haven Class of 2015)
Dr. Mary Papazian (Southern Connecticut State University)
Peter Salovey (Yale University)

Town Hall

Dr. Janice Brown (Kalamazoo Promise)
Jack Ford (American Education Television)
Saleem Ghubril (Pittsburgh Promise)
Dr. Gabriella C. Gonzalez (RAND Corporation)
Patricia Melton (New Haven Promise)
Andrew Metrick (Yale School of Management)
Rosalind Wiggins (Yale School of Management)


Mark Abraham (Data Haven)
Dr. Janice Brown (Kalamazoo Promise)
Emily Byrne (Housing Authority of New Haven)
James Doss-Gollin (Yale University Class of 2015)
Saleem Ghubril (Pittsburgh Promise)
Dr. Gabriella C. Gonzalez (RAND Corporation)
Bob Jorth (The Kalamazoo Promise)
Patricia Melton (New Haven Promise)
Dr. Michelle Miller-Adams (W.E. Upjohn Institute)
Lila Phillips (El Dorado Promise)
Jeremiah Quinlan (Yale University)
Madeline Vasquez (Hartford Schools)
Morley Winograd (Redeeming America’s Promise)
Dr. Keren Zuniga McDowell (Denver Scholarship Foundation)


Jennifer W. Ash (University of Arkansas)
Dr. Robert Bifulco (Syracuse University)
Lindsay Daugherty (RAND Corporation)
Dr. Randall Eberts (W.E. Upjohn Institute)
Dr. Gabriella C. Gonzalez (RAND Corporation)
Brett Hoover (Cities of Promise)
Dr. Jennifer Iriti (University of Pittsburgh)
Dr. Gary W. Ritter (University of Arkansas)
Dipen Shah (Karmarush)
Hosung Sohn (Syracuse University)


Jorgieliz Casanova (New Haven Promise)
Fontaine Chambers (University of Connecticut Class of 2016)
John DeStefano (Start Bank)
Sonia Dinnall (Hartford Public Schools)
Jerilyn Dinsmoor (La Crosse Promise)
Diane Dodge (East Bay College Fund)
Dr. Martin Estey (Hartford Consortium for Higher Education)
Willie Green (The Cleveland County Promise)
Judith Griffin (Pathways to College)
Erin Haberman (The Travelers Foundation)
Greg Handel (Detroit Regional Chamber)
Carlton Highsmith (Connecticut Center for Arts & Technology)
Dr. Kevin Holt (San Marcos Unified School District)
Mark Ifill-Haney (New Haven Academy Class of 2015)
Dr. Jennifer Iriti (University of Pittsburgh)
Yves Joseph (Centerplan Development Company)
Wayne Locust (University of Connecticut)
Alice Mahony (El Dorado Promise)
Nick Mathern (Gateway to College)
Kim Mazzuca (10,000 Degrees)
Niasia Mercado (Southern Connecticut State University)
Jael Myrick (City of Richmond, Calif.)
Matthew Nemerson (City of New Haven)
Bidya Ranjeet (University of Connecticut)
Mary Reynolds (New Haven Works)
Dr. Diane Robinson (Public Square Partnership)
Kelvin Roldan (Hartford Public Schools)
Katie Sandifer (Murphy Oil)
Rachael Schettenhelm (Gateway Community College)
Gary Smiga (Montgomery County Ohio College Promise)
Tamara Smith (Teach For America)
Deidre Tavera (Hartford Public Schools)
Sylvia Thompson (El Dorado Promise)
Jim Tucker (El Dorado Public Schools)
Von Washington, Jr. (Kalamazoo Promise)
Dr. Thad Williamson (City of Richmond, Va.)
Diane Young Turner (Yale Hiring Initiative)
Dr. Keren Zuniga McDowell (Denver Scholarship Foundation)


Erik Clemons (Connecticut Center for Arts & Technology)
Maria Espinosa Booth (Fulfillment Fund)
Daralee and Tom Ghinder (Akron Promise)
Wendell Greer (West Contra Costa Unified School District)
Adele Johnson (Richmond Public Schools Education Foundation)
Janet Johnson (City of Richmond, Calif.)
Jason Jones (The Arkadelphia Promise)
Bill Lindsay (City of Richmond, Calif.)
John Mitchell (Fulfillment Fund)
Dr. Gregory S. Prince, Jr. (Pathways To College)
Andrew Sklover (Stamford Achieves)
Michael Watson (Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps)

If you are attending PromiseNet 2014 and would like your bio and photo to appear here, please send them to this email address.

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